Who we are...

We began as In-Line Labeling in 1994 to support and rebuild cold-glue labeling machines designed and built by George Meyer Manufacturing, originally in Worcester, MA.
Starting in 1997, we began to design a new pressure sensitive machine and after patenting a number of processes, we launched our new line in 1997.  Since then, we have produced over a thousand machines serving industries that are very diverse.
In 2010, we began to design and manufacture liquid fillers and closures systems, along with rinsers and dryers.
We take great pride in our support of the machines, with a full one-year warranty behind every machine we build.

our standards


Pride in our work
At In-Line Packaging we work diligently and with precision to ensure you get the highest quality products based on your specifications.


Work that we back up
We back this up with a one-year warranty and excellent service so you never feel like just another customer.


There if you need us
The very same experts that built your machine are also on standby to answer any questions you may have about the technical operations and troubleshooting.

work team

why choose us

Our workers take great pride in their work. Precision and skill go into every piece put into and used to build our machines.