Are you looking for the best machinery out there to help your company produce the best food and beverages you can? You’ve found it. Find the distillery equipment you need with the In-Line expertise and support to back them up!

We have everything you could possibly be searching for in order to support your brewery, distillery, and food packaging needs. Labeling, fillers and beer bottling systems, conveyance equipment to custom machines, we have it all. Plus, we bring almost 20 years of experience and a passion for seamless design and processes to every project. Our machinery comes with a one-year guarantee. And the same experts who assembled your machine are available for support – you’ll never be left in the cold with In-Line! Our products and service options are available to customers throughout Charleston, SC and beyond. Contact us today to learn more and discuss your needs.


How can we help you satisfy those thirsty customers that demand more and more of the beer your brewery is proud to produce? Beer bottling equipment? Packaging? Labeling?

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Your distillery is run on quality and precision. What kind of distillery equipment are you searching for today to help you do so?

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Food packaging

Efficiency and quality are critical to your success in the food packaging industry. In-Line packaging is proud to design all sorts of equipment that can help you achieve both.

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Labeling machines

Your label is the face and focal point of your product. It’s the first thing prospective customers see when they lay eyes on your product. In-Line is proud to produce top-quality, efficient labeling machinery.

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During the filling stage of production, accuracy is first, foremost, last, and everything. To prevent waste, and unpleasantly surprising results, you’ll want to place your trust in the precision and efficiency of In-Line beverage filler machines.

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Conveyance Equipment

Though it may seem simple, the conveyance is one of the most important stages of your product assembly procedure. Make sure that your conveyance process runs smoothly and efficiently with trusted In-Line Packaging conveyance equipment.

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Custom Machines

We started with humble roots, and while we never forget where we came from, we’ve grown to include a wide range of products and services. The best part about that wide range of products and services is that it knows no bounds; if you don’t see exactly what you need, check out our “build your own line” option.

That’s right, we can create a custom machine for your specific needs!

Whatever it may be that you’re looking for, our patented processes and custom machinery will have your business on the go faster and with more efficient results than any other supplier.

All In-Line products are made in North Charleston, SC in the United States of America. This means that when you choose In-Line Packaging, you’re supporting American labor and business. You’re also supporting a local, privately-held company, boosting the local economy, and helping a small-business owner. Instead of a large, foreign company sending one-size-fits-all equipment overseas, choose your local experts to provide a unique solution for your needs. Our cost-efficient and time-saving equipment combined with expert support and local customer service – that’s the difference of using In-Line Packaging Systems!
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Contact us

Do you have a question or a concern about one of our products? Are you interested in purchasing one of our food packaging or beer bottling machines, but would like more specific information first? Do you simply have a question regarding how our service works? We’re here to provide answers to those questions and arm you with all the knowledge you could possibly want about what we do and how we do it.



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