Model 1000SS Redundant-Head Labeler

The model 1000SS Redundant-head Labeler is a fully automatic labeler designed for high speed labeling on round bottles without losing downtime for label roll changeovers. The machine detects when the end of roll is reached and automatically changes over to the other applicator without missing any containers within the machine. When the first roll is replaced, the machine will then change back to it as the other roll ends. In this way there is no downtime for label roll changeovers! The standard machine is rated to 150 bpm for an 8” long label, and with the servo option up to 250 bpm. Other options include hot-stamp coding, top belt for bottle stability, tall or extra tall labels, and custom spacing belt to replace the feedscrew infeed for universal bottle spacing.

Versatile, easy to operate, and economical, the model 1000SS provides an excellent option for line situations where downtime from label changeover needs to be reduced and/or eliminated.

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