Conveyor Product Table

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Production line bottlenecks a problem? Need additional in-line storage capacity? These high-quality accumulation tables are constructed from the same aircraft-grade aluminum and stainless steel used in our popular line of labeling machines. Parts are finished with a durable stainless-steel coating. Standard tables are powered by an independent, variable speed DC motor that drives the conveyor chain slightly faster than our labelers. Each table is controlled by an independent on/off push button.

When we develop and assemble machines, we consider the entire system. Your production line needs to run smoothly from start to finish. Our Conveyor Product Table will get the process started efficiently, ensuring the rest of your bottling will be done quickly and flawlessly. Since 1994, we have been assembling machines. Since then, we have designed and patented machines that run on efficiency and accuracy. We know the industry and we know the biggest challenges of the industry. That’s why we’ve spent the last 20 years developing solutions for beverage companies that save time and money. We also back up our products with a one-year warranty. And we provide support after the sale. When you choose In-Line, you partner with us for the long-term. We are here to troubleshoot and provide solutions for your bottling needs, long after the purchase is complete. We are passionate problem solvers. We enjoy taking on efficiency and process issues and creating systems that run seamlessly. Our labeling, filling, bottling, and packaging solutions will meet your needs. Give us a call today and we will get you set up with a custom solution for your business!


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December 6, 2021