Mini Bottle Filler and Capper


The In-Line mini bottle filler and cap tightener system utilizes advanced technology and people friendly controls to provide a simple and cost-effective method for container handling, filling and cap torqueing. The system can accommodate plastic, glass, and metal containers ranging in sizes and configurations.

The one person production line reduces labor costs, conserves floor space, and is ideal for multiple production environments.

Machine options:

Integrated Labeler: Wrap labeler optional, can do full wraps as bottles leave the filling/capping station, common conveyor reduces tipping since conveyor transitions are eliminated.

Integrated Feed and collection Tables: a small infeed rotary and built in collection table allows for simple loading and packoff.

Integrated Cap Feeder and Delivery system: a vibratory feeder and cap delivery chute automates the placement of caps.

Fill metering system: Piston, positive displacement, peristaltic, vacuum, overflow.

Products: Viscous, semi-viscous, water thin.

Industry: Cosmetic, Healthcare, beverage, Personal care, Diagnostics, Veterinary, Biotechnology.

Application: Contract packaging, high accuracy, Small Volume production, Clinical trials, samples, Clean room, Hotel amenities, small containers, multi task automation.

Features: Quick change over, stainless steel construction, versatility for additional applications, optional container feeding such as tray unloading.

Model MBF-1 Inline Packaging Systems mini bottle filler-cap tightener to include the following:

• Stainless steel main frame construction with hard coat aluminum and plastic parts

• 1-pc stainless steel piston pump with check valves

• 1-pc stainless steel nozzle assembly

• Pump drive and pump mounting bar assembly

• Star-wheel container indexing for container handling and indexing

• Adjustable filling volumes within the filling range

• Container size 1 set change parts

• Consistent cap torque using magnetic clutch

• Adjustable speed according to operator’s preference


Posted on

November 29, 2021