Can Rinsing and Drying System


The Ska Fabricating™ Can Rinse and Drying System is a perfect addition to your canning line. The system uses Republic® air knives combined with our custom designed can rinser and enclosures.

Our can rinser is specifically designed for cleaning cans after the canning process. It removes excess liquid and cleans the cans before packaging. The enclosure is made of stainless steel and incorporates 6 water nozzles. Water is collected in the bottom catch basin and drains through a 1″ fitting.

The air knife enclosure is also made of stainless steel and both enclosures have top handles for easy removal. The lids are secured with screw on fasteners making the cleaning process quick and easy.

The Republic® air knives incorporate a tear drop design to minimize the internal turbulence of air entering the knife while projecting it in a highly controlled manner through the discharge. As the air enters the knife, the lack of sharp edges within the knife minimizes pressure loss and turbulence while the air moves along the walls and is concentrated at the discharge. This creates a laminar flow exit velocity that is able to project much farther before dissipating and causes less excitation of the surrounding air. The air then impacts the target of the application and is able to rapidly shear away water and debris.Republic Air Knife systems are engineered, manufactured and tested to provide 99.9% of liquid, dust, and debris removal from products prior to labeling, ink jet laser coating, packaging, or other secondary operations using a high velocity, high impact air stream. Air knives are available in extruded aluminum or stainless steel with lengths from 2” to 196” with an adjustable gap for better air stream control. We offer nozzle knives for direct drying, air wipes to match your extrusion profile and wire, and food grade air knives which are USDA and NSF compliant. Custom air knife designs are available to meet your exact needs.


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November 29, 2021