Inline Packaging system  brings our automation expertise to the other end of the line with our bulk can palletizers. Designed for companies specializing in can sleeving, labeling, printing or decorating. With simple operation and proven performance our can palletizer systems provide the cornerstone for any line requiring bulk can palletizing.

Can palletizers are available in a number of configurations to match available space, speed requirements and budget. The half-height systems are made for half pallets of aluminum cans. Standard U.S. half pallets are 44″ x 56″ and come with 11 layers of 12 oz cans. The full height palletizers are made for standard full-size pallets that come with 21 layers of 12 oz cans.

Semi-Auto Palletizer

Palletizers are available in a variety of configurations to match the speed, height and amount of automation required. All Palletizers can be ordered in half height or full height sizes. Semi-Auto palletizers run up to 220 cans per minute depending on the conveyor size. The Full-Auto palletizer runs at speeds up to 600 cans per minute. All palletizers can be used with full height depalletizers or custom height depalletizers depending on location and ceiling height.

Palletizer Configurations

Semi-auto palletizers are available in either half height or full height configurations. There are two basic configurations of the semi-auto palletizers. The primary difference between the two configurations is speed.

One configuration comes with a 5 ft MatTop conveyor that is capable of running up to 60 cans per minute. The faster semi-auto palletizer comes with a 10 ft MatTop conveyor and will handle line speeds up to 220 cans per minute. All of the semi-auto palletizers require some manual assistance with layer preparation and adding tier sheets in between layers.

Semi-Auto Standard Features:
Dimensions: Varies depending on configuration
Can metering & controlled stop for layer formation
Manual layer formation
Manual tier sheet layer separation
Half Height palletizes up to 11 layers of 12oz cans
Full Height palletizes up to 20 layers of 12oz cans
Multiple can sizes with simple part changeover
Speeds up to 220 CPM (with proper conveyance and accumulation)
Load & unload with pallet jack
Minimal air consumption (3-4 CFM at 80PSI)
Siemens PLC platform with touchscreen controls
Custom colors available

Semi-Auto Palletizer Manual Layer Preparation

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December 2, 2021