"Prior to our purchasing the In-Line labeler we only canned our year-round beers due to the large minimum order requirements from our can manufacturer. We investigated shrink sleeves, but the In-Line labeler was a better value at our canning volume and it integrated perfectly with our canning line. Now we're able to get more of our limited release products to market in a timely and cost-effective manner."
- Kasey, Jailbreak Brewing Co.

"I had a very difficult label to apply and I came to In-Line with this challenge knowing that their competitors had been asked and couldn't achieve a resolution. One of my customers "Crazy Foam" had awarded me the business of applying this special label to an aerosol cap. I knew after speaking about my project to In-Line I could be confident in moving forward and they bid so competitive that no one else could compete. These labels were initially hand applied. After our agreement I purchased a Model 700 that when set up took the place of 7 people and increased my throughput by 400%. Quality of placement was superior to hand application. The label had a center hole that had to be applied onto a cap within a 1/32 of an inch placement. If the label was off it was extremely noticeable. The success of the In-Line labeler moved up my ROI to 45 days which originally was a 2 year ROI. I now have several other projects that I will be sending them to move forward for more machines in the future. I am one very satisfied customer who can now take a breath of relief."
- Matt Duran, RCP Packaging Equipment & Consultant LLC

"Industrial Test Systems purchased the Paradigm 700 pressure sensitive labeler in 2012. It has been an excellent labeler and extremely easy machine to operate. We do in excess of half a million bottles a year with this machine and have had virtually no issues. I recommend In-Line to anyone and know that their machines will work for their labeling needs."
- Angelo Perry, Industrial Test Systems