Tech Note Tip: Why can’t I jog my machines devices?

Mar 8, 2024 | All, Tech Notes

Why can’t I jog my machines devices?

Are you wondering why you can’t jog any of your devices when trying to find out the source of a problem or set up the machine? In today’s tech tip, we are going to go over how to properly jog devices and why we have designed that function to work that way.

Often, we get calls from customers who mention that a particular device is not working and who need assistance with troubleshooting. Usually, the first place we look to is the “jog devices” screen on their touchscreen or to the “jog label” button on a labeler. This screen allows for the user to jog the various devices that contribute to the overall functionality of the machine.

During these interactions we sometimes hear that they cannot jog the label or any of the devices which can make troubleshooting difficult. The reason for this is simple. You must stop the machine first before you can jog any of the devices. If you are wondering why we have done it this way, it is due to safety reasons for both you and the machine. If the machine was running, you could accidentally jog a cylinder and crush a bottle which breaks some other component or worse it could crush you or someone else’s hand. With the machine stopped, the chances of doing the same thing are much lower. We encourage all our customers to make sure hands and bottles are clear before jogging any device.

We hope you enjoyed today’s tech tip on why can’t I jog my machines devices! If you have any questions regarding jogging devices or any other questions pertaining to our equipment, please contact us at For all your filling, capping, corking, rinsing, or labeling needs please call us at 843-59-2530 or visit our website



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