Packaging Machinery Case Study: BHAWK

Mar 8, 2024 | All, Case Studies

As an experienced packaging machinery manufacturer, we often receive a lots of requests on whether we can automate a certain container for new or current customers or not. Compared to our competitors, we have much more flexibility to build turnkey filling, capping, corking, rinsing, and labeling equipment to meet your custom packaging needs. In todays packaging machinery case study, we will explore how we helped BHAWK automate their packaging process for two custom bottles.

The Brad Halling Whiskey Ko (or BHAWK for short) is a veteran owned and operated distillery dedicated to expressing gratitude in the spirits they produce to the everyday heroes who have served or are currently serving in our nation’s military. They came to us with a need to build them a fully automated packaging machinery line that could handle several custom and unique bottle designs that most others could not handle. Their Sergeants Valor bottle is severely tapered and does not travel well on traditional conveyance systems. Therefore, we designed and manufactured bottle pucks to stabilize the bottle as it goes through their Rinsing, Filling, Corking, and Labeling machines. For their Madam Colonel bottle, we implemented an orientation system that looks for a feather on the screen print of the bottle to enable a consistent location for a neck and body label. This is just one example of the many automation obstacles we have overcome to help our customers grow in their production capacity. BHAWK even had this to say about how we treat all our customers “Chad, Adam, and team are not only experts in their craft, but they are also great people to work with! At Brad Halling American Whiskey Ko. (BHAWK), we just successfully completed our first bottling run of Sergeant’s Valor Select Rye. The team at In-Line was at our side to ensure our success!”

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In-Line Packaging is proud to have been chosen by this great company to produce equipment that will serve them just as they have served us and we hope you enjoyed reading this packaging machinery case study. If you have a difficult package like BHAWK and need automation, please call us at 843-569-2530 or email us at Our equipment is proudly and fully manufactured in the USA and includes a 1-year warranty.

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