Packaging Machinery Case Study: A Distillery and Brand Owner Team Up to Fill Both of Their Needs.

Aug 22, 2023 | All, Case Studies

Boone County DistillingGentleman's Cut Bourbon
Kentucky Craft Bourbon

This is Boone County Distilling Company’s premium Kentucky Bourbon

Distilleries that are implementing a growth strategy for their distillation, diversity of spirits, or distribution are moving into automation in each area. Craft Distilleries are looking for efficient ways to get their premium spirits into the bottle, decorated, and sealed for consumers with an automated solution.  Buying a packaging line, labeling machine, bottle filler or corking machine can be a daunting task, and a gig investment. Partnering with an American single source manufacturer is the path that many craft distilleries are taking. This approach means a turnkey solution with a single provider for a smoother order, engineering, and installation process for everyone involved. This approach can be a large investment in packaging machinery, as a result many craft distilleries are selling that excess capacity on their packaging line to external customers and brand owners.

Distilleries are more and more commonly looking to aggregate their internal production needs with that of potential external brand owners to shorten the ROI on the investment in packaging machinery.  Often brand owners are sourcing spirits and using a co-packer to produce their products. This case study reflects an increasingly common approach where brand owners are partnering with a distillery with brands of their own.  This approach has a unique symbiosis for both the distillery and the brand owner. For the distillery it contributes to the capital expense of an automated packaging line, significantly shortening the ROI timeline. For the brand owner they receive the benefit of a team that has a high commitment to the quality of every spirit they produce.

“Distilleries are more and more commonly looking to aggregate their internal production needs with that of potential external brand owners to shorten the ROI on the investment in packaging machinery.”

Boone County Distilling in Florence Kentucky was faced with this very problem to solve. Not only do they have a great Bourbon program of their own, but they were also selected by Gentleman’s Cut to create a custom premium Bourbon with the same commitment to quality and excellence they apply to their own pot stilled Kentucky Bourbons.  This challenge meant that the labeling machinery, bottle filler, and other packaging machinery needed to be suited for their own bottle formats in addition to properly handling their own custom bottle.  The craft spirits market is a space where excellent spirits and package design go hand in hand. The custom line that In-Line Packaging Systems Inc. was asked to build checked all the boxes. Including bottle cleaning, bottle filling, bottle labeling, and a custom corking solution.

The pressure sensitive labeler was designed to handle both the Gentleman’s Cut Bourbon bottle format and the custom flask style bottle for Boone County Distilling Company’s award-winning bourbon. Each machine was designed with a dual-purpose in mind for this type of packaging/distillation partnership. The labeler was designed with a front and back labeling head to accommodate both bottle formats.  A top strip labeler was also supplied to apply tax strip labels over the bar top cork for both decoration and tamper evidence. The final step was to automatically apply a PVC shrink capsule for complete security of the final closure of the bottle.

Does your distillery face these challenges? Do you need a solution that can fill, label, cork various bottle formats? Are you looking for a single source partner to meet your labeling machine, bottle filler, or bottle corking needs? We want to earn your business!  Call us at 8435692530, email us . We will deliver a well thought out, proven solution at a competitive price.  Our Labeling machines, bottle fillers, and everything we build is manufactured in our Charleston South Carolina factory and includes a 1-year warranty so put your mind at ease and start gaining ground in the craft spirits market.

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