Paradigm 700 Top-Down/Bottom-Up Labeler

The Paradigm 700 is a fully automatic label applicator capable of applying labels to a variety of products. Label application can be from the top down, bottom-up, or both.

The machine is loaded with nice features; all stainless steel and aluminum construction, off-the-shelf components rather than proprietary boards and motors, a stepper-driven applicator and a standard touchscreen interface on all models.  All speeds on every 700 are synchronized together to avoid common labeling errors, and our Autoset bottle measurement and recipe system ensure easy setups and changeovers. The Paradigm is capable of accuracy to +/- 1/32” depending on the product.

Products to be labeled are sensed as they pass a photo-eye.  The photo-eye initiates a signal that is transmitted to the PLC.  After a fully adjustable delay, the label is dispensed onto the passing product.  For flat panels a wipe brush completes label application by wiping down the label onto the product.

Controls consist of a main power switch, and the touchscreen operator interface which provides information and access to the label delay, label gap delay, batch count, speeds and more.

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