Pressure Overflow Filler

Based on a fill-to-level principle, the Model OF Pressure Overflow Filler delivers a quantity of flowable liquid into the container until it reaches an adjustable fill height. Excess liquid then flows through the overflow vent back into a tank until the time cycle is complete and the filling head retracts.

This is the ideal filling style for a wide variety of product and container types. The OF starts with four nozzles and is expandable up to 12 316 SS mechanical filling nozzles mounted for complete adjustment to bottle sizes ranging up to 3 ½” diameter. Pneumatic escapement gates control the containers while neck guides control the container openings under the filling nozzles. Automatic level control using mechanical float ensure that the product level (and thus fill time) are carefully controlled in the product and tank. A stainless drip tray ensures clean transitions between containers, and a drip tray under the conveyor assists in spill control.

A 6” touchscreen allows fine control of all manual and automatic functions, including saved recipes for various packages and supports cleaning protocol through full manual control of each device.

A 8' centralized stainless steel main conveyor is included with variable speed control and super-clean conveyor ends for easy transitions.

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