RSC Rinser

The RSC Rinser is an economical and easy way to rinse or air clean bottles prior to filling. The Rinser is situated before the Filler and is intended to run automatically, feeding the Filler a supply of clean bottles.
The machine operates by counting infeed containers, and when a full group is present the bottles are clamped and then inverted over a collection tray. A pump (or straight factory water connection) than shoots water up onto the base of the bottle. An adjustable time delay allows for you to fine-tune how long you rinse and how long you drain the bottles. Alternately, a sanitizing solution – or even product itself – can be used to rinse and recirculated into a simple 5-gallon bucket.

Once the rinse cycle is complete the bottles are then released and discharge. A backup eye is standard to prevent the rinser from releasing bottles until the conveyor is open and ready, so it will run at the speed of the filler. Various sizes can be handled from a single manifold, and dedicated manifolds allow are inexpensive and allow for quick changeovers between packages.

Economical, easy-to-use and compact. A great combination.

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