Breathing New Life Into An Old Packaging Line

Aug 1, 2023 | All, Case Studies

Improve Distillery Efficiency with Automated Packaging Solutions. Automatic Pressure Sensitive Labeler pictured.

Improve your Distillery efficiency with our help

Breathing New Life into an Old Used Packaging Line.

Distilleries, Breweries and really every packaging business is trying to do more with less. What’s a distillery to do when they have old or non-automated processes. How about a budget only sufficient to update some of their filling machines, labeling machines, or capping machines? One option is mixing old and new equipment to accomplish an overall efficiency improvement, and sometimes a scale jump.

At a longtime customer outside of Baltimore we ran into this very challenge. The distillery had been using some old Meyer Super CM labeling machines and limping along with them for several years. These old labeling machines were the biggest efficiency thief in the line. For that reason made sense to tackle those with priority. The bottle filler, labeling machine, and screw capping machine were all well over forty years old. We were asked to provide new pressure sensitive labeling machines rather than replacing them with used pressure sensitive labelers.  In-Line Packaging Systems was also challenged with building a centralized control system that would allow the old and new systems to integrate mechanically and share a line control PLC based system.

The customer decided ultimately to replace a bottle ionized cleaner/feeder with a new In-Line Feeder/Cleaner. They also added a semi auto case packing solution that integrated with an existing overhead case conveyor. This system moved re-shipper cases from the front of the line to the end of the line to a case packing station. With new centralized controls including emergency stops (the old line had none!!), variable speed motors and a new bottle accumulation and recirculation table system the customer installed a true upgrade. They also really embraced the “out with the old (some of it anyway!) and in with the new” approach to a game changing jump in packaging distillery efficiency from around 35% to over 90%. In all this customer replaced some worn out used labeling machines, conveyor systems, and added a good amount of buffer conveyors for label roll changes and line pauses. This allowed all upstream machinery to continue to operate while the downstream equipment was paused for any reason. Ultimately, we converted three full packaging lines using this approach, and delivered a solution that checked all the boxes: Use what we could, replace what was necessary, and improve overall efficiency.

“They also really embraced the “out with the old (some of it anyway!) and in with the new” approach to a game changing jump in efficiency from around 35% to over 90%.

Just remember, sometimes you can stair step your way into automation with success if your budget only allows for baby steps.  We are prepared uniquely to help in each step of that growth. Just ask us how we can design a custom solution that is either all new or a mix of both existing and new gear! We offer individual machinery from turn tables, labeling machines, bottle rinsing machines, liquid filling machines, capping machines, and full turnkey packaging lines.

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